Dr. Hanna has received the BWH Ignite Award (click here for details).



Helena’s paper has been featured in NSMB’s News & Views

Dr. Hanna has been named a recipient of the 2021 Sanfilippo-ASIP Visiting Lectureship (click here for details).



Angel’s paper has been featured on the cover of Science Signaling.

The supplemental proteomic table is here: Table S3


Marco’s  paper has been featured in the MCB Spotlight (click here for details).

The paper is here: Jochem2019

The supplement, which quantitates the ubiquitination of 1794 proteins after arsenic treatment is here: TableS3



Dr. Hanna has been selected for the 2019 Cotran Early Career Investigator Award by the American Society for Investigative Pathology (click here for details).



A Hanna lab paper has been featured in the JBC Virtual Issue “Protein Folding in the Cell” (click here to see the issue).

The PDF is here: Guerra_Moreno_2015



The Hanna lab has moved to the Building for Transformative Medicine (click for more details)

The Hanna lab has joined Harvard’s PhD Program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) (click here to visit our page)



U.S. Patent (#9,201,073) issued for novel strategy to enhance protein degradation (click for more details)

The Hanna lab is featured in the blog of the Director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins (click here to read)



Dr. Hanna is one of 17 young scientists to receive the NIH’s Early Independence Award (click for more details)



Novel therapeutic strategy to enhance protein degradation receives support from Biogen (click for more details)

Read more here: Hanna2006 and Lee2010

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