Principal Investigator

John Hanna, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hanna graduated from Stanford University. He then completed MD/PhD training at Harvard Medical School, followed by clinical training in Pathology at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital. He can be reached at jwhanna [at]






Laboratory Members







Tamayanthi Rajakumar

Post-doctoral fellow (Victoria University of Wellington)









Aida Razi

Post-doctoral fellow (McGill University)










Erignacio Fermin Perez

Undergraduate Student (Harvard)












Darlene Fung

Research Technician (BA, Harvard College)








Michael Pandos

Visiting Student (University of Melbourne)


Former Lab Members

Nina Weisshaar (Visiting Master’s student)

Meera Kolayarattil (Post-doctoral fellow)

Hendrik Welsch (Visiting Master’s student)

Julia Page (rotating MD-PhD student)

Lukas Ende (Visiting Master’s student)

Angel_Guerra_MorenoAngel Guerra-Moreno (Post-doctoral fellow) 

Marco Jochem (Visiting Master’s student)

Helena Schnell  (Visiting PhD student)

Yagmur Micoogullari (Post-doctoral fellow)



Marie Blickling (Visiting internship student)







Jessie Ang (Research Technician)





Lea Adams (Visiting internship student)




Benjamin Velez (Research Technician)



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